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Coming Soon from Evernight Teen...

Eve La Stella, Queen of the Fae, magicless and imprisoned in the Fomorian fortress after losing the Realm to the invaders, has nearly given up hope when salvation appears from an unlikely source. Now, freedom comes with a cost: to restore her people’s magic, she must abandon them and submit herself to the King of the Wild Hunt. Life with the Hunt would be good. Easy. But she loves her people too much to let them go, and the King proves time and again that he can’t be trusted.

Even without her magic, Eve isn’t powerless. Armed with her wits and a little bit of moonlight she strikes a bargain with an old enemy, reclaims a friend who was taken from her, and finds the key to restoring Fae magic, if only she could wake him. After the mistakes she’s made the Fae no longer want her. Reclaiming her magic, and her people, on her own terms means tricking the most powerful being in existence: the King of the Wild Hunt. 

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