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Mortals & Shadows

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Ashes, Ashes
June 29, 2022

Teenage magi Adrienne Young kills monsters, protects the innocent, and sometimes passes chemistry. But when she kills a hellhound that’s been haunting college campuses she draws the attention of Hecate, a banished goddess seeking to restore her power and return to the mortal world. As Adrienne digs deeper, she uncovers Hecate’s murderous plot and vows to kill her once and for all. When Hecate sets her sights on Liza, Adrienne’s sister, the fight turns personal. With a band of unlikely allies and time running out, Adrienne may have to choose between saving the world or saving her sister.

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What Readers Are Saying About Ashes, Ashes...

"A definite winner here. Loved it all. The story, the magic, the dynamic characters. A must-read."

                                     -Amazon review

"If you enjoy action-packed stories involving the paranormal and teens doing the heavy lifting to save the day, this is the book for you."

                                       -Amazon review

"Loved this book. Likeable good guys, hateable bad guys, and a few grey characters to keep things interesting."

                                       -Amazon review

"Harry Potter meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I really loved the teenage angst of trying to act like a grown-up, of attempting to take responsibility for her siblings, but failing miserably again and again...a book with lots of cool magic and sword-splaying action scenes, humor, and hormones!"

                                   -Goodreads review

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