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1st Royalty Check!

I recently got an interesting email from Amazon. I'm getting my first royalty check! It's not much, but I already knew that Ashes, Ashes wouldn't exactly be bringing in the Benjamins. Don't get me wrong; making money would be great. Amazing. But that's not goal. Not yet.

My goal right now is simply exposure. Getting people to read my book, post reviews, visit my website, sign up for my email list, follow me on social media. I want to build a brand and a following, so that when I release the next one (and there will be a next one!), it will have a much bigger reach out of the gate. And the one after that will be bigger still.

I have some sales, and that's incredible. I hope readers continue to buy my book and love it. This check represents the first money I've ever made being an "official" author. I love it. I cherish it. My dreams are coming true, bit by bit. And that's worth more than I'll ever make selling books on Amazon.

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