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Exciting to be Excited Again!

I haven’t done any major writing since before Christmas. My mental state has been all over the place and I didn’t have room in my head for creativity. That’s finally changing, and you have no idea how relieved I feel.

Yesterday I got an encouraging email from one of the small presses I queried for my Fae novel. They noted it ends in a cliffhanger and wanted to know if I have plans for a sequel to give readers closure.

It doesn’t mean anything yet, obviously, but it does show that they’re at least interested enough to ask. I’m planning to expand that story into a trilogy, so I was able to share that with them.

Since then I’ve been itching to start working on Book 2. Mind you, I’m already writing a different Book 2 for Mortals & Shadows (and not making any progress at the moment), but I’ve learned the hard way to follow the project I’m most excited about. I want to have something solid to show this press in case they ask.

Tonight I opened an official sequel file and copied over all my worldbuilding and character notes. Then I made a bare-bones outline of the first 11 CHAPTERS!!! This is huge for me. I’m not one for outlines (although I’m trying to improve), but this story just came bursting out. I’m so excited to start this project, and so relieved that I finally feel excited to write again.

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